Foods to Stay Young – Anti Aging Diet Care

Go look at yourself in the mirror right now. Do you see any signs of aging on your skin? Wrinkles? Eye bags? Dark circles around your eyes? If you do not see any of these, congratulations, you are probably still at the prime of your youth. If you do see them, don’t feel too bad, because everyone ages. Yes, even those of you at the prime of your youth. Aging is inevitable. What matters is how quickly one ages. After all, no one wants to look 60 when they’re 30, right?

Aging is caused by many things, and in the case of skin aging, the causes range from the sun to facial expressions, and even gravity. But did you know that the food you eat can also determine how your skin ages?

The sun’s Ultra Violet Radiation causes our bodies to produce free radicals that slowly destroys our skin. But even without the sun’s help, our bodies are continually producing these free radicals. Antioxidants keep our skin firm by protecting collagen and elastin from being worn down by free radicals, and in fact our bodies’ greatest defense against free radicals is when we are between the ages of 0 to 27. But as we grow older, the natural production of antioxidants in our body begins to decline, and the damage done by free radicals increase over time because of it. Sure, our bodies are still capable of repairing the damage done, but the eventual wear and tear would eventually show through, and thus aging happens.

So what can you do to slow down the wear and tear of the damaging free radicals? Well for one, it has been shown that people who maintain a diet of foods rich in antioxidants age slower than people who don’t. People who adhere to an antioxidant rich diet also live healthier and more active lives than those who do not. Typically, fruits and vegetables that are colorful are rich in antioxidants and make excellent selection as healthier alternatives food-wise. Being rich in antioxidants, they help our body neutralize free radicals and impede the aging process. Blueberries, cranberries, pinto beans, and artichokes are just some of the fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants.

Another thing to take note is the fact that as we age, our bodies’ ability to digest and absorb food begins to decline because of the declining volume of digestive enzymes. As such, in addition to the antioxidant-rich foods you might already be consuming, supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, hydrocotyl, alpha-lipoic acid, and even green tea can boost the body’s intake of antioxidants.

Stay away from foods with refined sugar and wheat, because they can cause hyperglycemia that leads to inflammation and encourages skin aging. Upon conversion to sugar, both sugar and carbohydrates have a negative effect on collagen, and causes a loss of elasticity in skin. The end result is deep wrinkles and sagging skin. In fact almost 50% of all aging skin damage was brought about by sugar-induced hyperglycemia.

If you’re not already on an antioxidant-rich diet, start today. Taking an anti aging diet care will not only help you look younger, it will also help you feel younger as well.

Feel Young, Look Young – Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment

If you’re over 30 and are anxious about your aging skin, consider yourself lucky. Despite the heightening environmental aggressions against our skin, as well as the type of synthetic substances added on to skin care products, science is continuing its efforts to provide women of the 21st century with the best anti-aging skin care treatments. No need to argue about it, a beautiful face (minus the blemishes) can take you anywhere and is probably one of your best assets.

Moreover, physical appearance can reflect a person’s lifestyle even during Cleopatra’s time. And let’s face it, although it might not be priority for other people, almost all aspects in this world evolves around aesthetics. So how do you keep yourself young-looking even at 50? Doctor’s advice taking care of your skin at an early age helps a lot, but choosing the right anti-aging skin care treatments will suffice, too.

Minimizing skin aging

We can’t stop skin aging, but we can slow it down and preserve what we currently have for a longer period. You can start by doing regular exercises that hasten your blood circulation so that it can excrete wastes away and replenish your system with nourishment. It’s also important to have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. If these aren’t enough, it would probably be best to find an anti-aging product suited for your skin type.

The first thing you should include in you anti-aging skin care treatments list is an anti-wrinkle cream. Anti-wrinkle creams contain intensified anti-oxidants and vitamins that replenish your skin and prevent premature aging. Skin care professionals advise to go with those formulations that have natural ingredients.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage your skin or even trigger skin cancer. Solution? Use anti-aging moisturizers that are formulated to easily penetrate your skin and hydrate it to lessen visible signs of aging. Complement this anti-aging skin care treatment with anti-aging sunscreens – it provides you with a protective barrier against UV rays, hence, minimizing skin damage that can cause premature aging.

Skin nourishing should start from within to attain a healthy glow on the outside. Antioxidants play an important role in keeping you younger looking. Always include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as these would protect you against free radicals that result in cell damage.

And for your last defense in your anti-aging skin care treatment – use exfoliants. This is particularly important when you are over 30; our skin loses its capability to shed off dead skin cells on the top layer. Exfoliating helps bring out new skin. You can either make your own exfoliants or purchase those available commercially.

Taking care of your skin is as important as staying healthy. Although anti-aging skin care treatments can help you, it’s best to start with a healthy attitude and everything will follow.