Dermalift SP Ingredients and Information

Dermalift SP has been tested clinically as a product that is able to add additional moisture to your skin and to keep the moisture in your skin for long periods of time. It is said to be great for maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin. We were curious to find out why this product was being used by so many women globally and why it was so successful in preventing cracked, dry and peeled skin; firming the skin and adding skin elasticity? We made a decision to find out what the ingredients were and how they worked. Our primary focus was to make sure the ingredients were natural and safe.

This particular skin cream has proven to be an effective substitute to Botox injections, which, in various cases, has a variety of negative side effects on some people. Known as the ‘moisture magnet,’ this wrinkle cream has a secret and unique combination of active ingredients that consists mainly of peptides. One of these peptides is called the ‘Polymoist-PS complex,’ which firms the face and reduces signs of wrinkles. The peptides or proteins in this product aids in the increase of elastin and collagen.

It is said that Polymoist-PS complex helps to rouse the natural regeneration properties of the skin’s epidermis as it strengthens the moisturizing aspects of the product. In essence, this ingredient is meant to postpone the aging process.

This particular wrinkle cream also contains Vitamin E, which provides the appropriate nutrients necessary to keep the skin youthful and firm. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and moisturizing agent in conjunction with Saccharide Isolerate.

Another ingredient is mango and cocoa butter, which nourishes the skin in order to assist with the preservation of a balanced skin. Argireline is also a protein ingredient contained in this anti aging cream and is popular in most anti-aging products. It helps to relax the facial muscles while giving the skin a generally smoother look.

Some of the natural ingredients include coconut and avocado extracts, which is also hydrates the skin and gives a vibrant skin color. In addition, soy protein is also included and it produces a bright skin tone as it fades the aging spots and skin wrinkles.

It is believed that these ingredients tend to increase the hydration of the skin to as much as 130% after an hour after applying the product. In addition, the active ingredients are believed to increase the skin’s firmness by 25% and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 20%.

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The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products Contain Cynergy TK Among Their Ingredients

Have you tried out a couple of anti aging skin care products, only to realize they were no good and had left your skin for the worse? If you want an anti aging product to show positive effects in reversing the signs of aging, it’s important to choose a product with the right ingredients.

One of the most important and powerful anti aging ingredients to seek out in an antiaging skin cream is Cynergy TK. What is so special about Cynergy TK?

Cynergy TK has functional keratin which is present throughout the body. This functional Keratin is now produced by a New Zealand company, Keratec and marketed as Cynergy TK. It plays an important role in maintaining skin structure. When this ingredient is used in an anti aging skin care product, it helps to rejuvenate the skin. In course of using the product, you can see the following changes:

* Reduction in skin lines and wrinkles

* Skin becomes more firm and elastic

* Reduction in skin inflammation

* Radiance and brightness emanates from the skin

The reason why Cynergy TK is so effective is because it is very similar to the protein seen in the human skin. So, when you apply a product which has a good amount of Cynergy TK ingredient, you are actually applying a sort of liquid skin to your face and body. Your skin feels healthy and much rejuvenated.

You won’t find every anti aging skin care product out there, to have Cynergy TK. Those that don’t are not as effective as the ones that do. This is because most skincare products include keratin in a de-naturalized form, which happens as results of an industrial rendering process called hydrolyzation. However, Cynergy TK is not produced this way.

Cynergy TK is created through the softer method known as keratin solublization. This method ensures that all bio-active polymers in Cynergy TK are made available for the skin for enhancing it. This is why any antiaging skin cream with Cynergy TK is more effective in showing results, than others.

When you use an anti aging skin care to remove signs of aging, it best to choose natural products with a good proportion of Cynergy TK. This will give you effective results that you want to see in your appearance. Using them as per directions will make your skin firm and supple. It will have a healthier, younger glow. You can see skin age spots reducing with regular use. In course of time feel more confident about your looks as you will look much younger.

One of the areas where aging signs are most prominent is under the eyes. If you have sagging and damaged skin under your eyes, use eye antiaging skin cream to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin around the eyes. Once again choose a product with Cynergy TK, so that you experience the best results.