Products and Advancements in the Anti-Aging Marketplace

HGH is produced naturally, in everyone, by the pituitary gland. After the age of 23, your natural HGH levels begin to decline and you may start to experience the affects of aging. This includes weight gain, decrease in energy, lack of sex drive, low endurance, muscle atrophy and more.

HGH therapy comes in several forms. The first is by injecting Human Growth Hormone directly into your bloodstream. This invasive procedure can only be prescribed by a physician. Injectable HGH therapy was originally intended for children with stunted growth but physicians soon correlated the benefits to be helpful in trying to offset or delay the aging process and resulting health risks associated with getting older. Doctors are now liberally distributing this substance to elderly patients seeking to slow the effects of aging. The main problem associated with injectable Human Growth Hormone is that it often costs upwards of $3000 a month. That’s $36,000 a year and it is not covered by insurance. Additionally, this invasive therapy comes with some health risks. Side effects such as allergic reactions, fever, and swelling are just a few of the risks associated with the injectable form of therapy.

Due to the steep costs and risks of certain side effects associated with this invasive form of therapy, explorations of alternatives have become popular. Alternative HGH therapies include “All-natural supplements, including capsules, powders, and sprays. There is one very important point to understand about these types of Human Growth Hormone therapy. They do not offer “actual” HGH. The only way to get actual Human Growth Hormone is by having it injected directly into your bloodstream via syringe, physician, and prescription. I have seen, in this crowded marketplace, several products promoting themselves as “HGH” in a spray. This is impossible because HGH is a large unstable molecule that cannot pass through the membranes in the mouth. Furthermore, it is illegal to provide true-form HGH without a prescription. The goal of alternative therapies is to stimulate your own body’s pituitary gland to produce more Human Growth Hormone on its own. These all-natural therapies have several benefits. Whether the HGH therapy is termed “all-natural”, “homeopathic”, or spray form, the fact is that these alternatives are only around 2% of the cost of the injectable Human Growth Hormone.

What should I choose?

With HGH alternative supplements saturating the market, it is very difficult to make a decision as to what is right for you. What is the most effective, safe, practical, and affordable solution available? Sprays remain suspect because of the premise behind them. As stated earlier in our report, we have found that is impossible for a spray to deliver actual HGH sublingually. Furthermore, administering accurate doses sublingually presents a challenge for sprays. Additional drawbacks are the potential binders and fillers that are present in this form of therapy. Lastly, taste remains a concern with all sprays. Powders are less popular and prevalent on the market. Having to measure proper mixes and portions is a hassle that I would prefer not to deal with but may be a preference for those that find pills and capsules intolerable.

Most of the “all-natural” capsules, pills, and tablets are similar in what they promise to offer. I have found that Ultimate HGH(TM) and GenF20(TM) HGH releasers are two of the more popular and effective HGH supplements, in capsule form, that stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH naturally. Neugenisis(TM) is new to the market but offers its HGH releasing formula infused with rich antioxidants promoting additional Wellness benefits. Additionally, Neugenisis(TM) is promoted in a package that includes another logical Antiaging product, a topical anti-wrinkle cream. Neugenisis(TM), on its own (individually) measures up well to all the stand-alone HGH releasing products available. Neugenisis(TM) is different in that it provides additional antioxidant properties and is an effective product in a system that was created to offer the most Antiaging benefits available. New research suggests the benefit of combining all-natural HGH releasing compounds with skin rejuvenating topical crèmes.

The Longevity System

With higher HGH levels come improved elasticity of the skin, strengthened nails, and enhanced skin rejuvenation. One of the main ingredients in all the HGH releasing products mentioned is L-Arginine. L-Arginine is involved with the production of new skin and connective tissue. It is essential to the formation of collagen and boasts many benefits that relate to skin repair and rejuvenation. NeuLife Laboratories has brought a new combination to the market and offers the “Longevity System”, featuring a high-grade HGH releaser in caplet form, Neugenisis(TM) (with active ingredient L-Arginine), and an aggressive topical anti-wrinkle crème, Neuderma(TM). Neuderma (TM)compliments the HGH benefits provided by Neugenisis(TM). Neuderma(TM) is an aggressive topical anti-wrinkle cream which includes the benefits of Pentapeptide technology (Matrixyl and Argireline). In my research, I have established that both products, Neugenisis(TM) and Neuderma(TM) , can stand individually as “A” list products but as a system, Neulife Laboratories has created a niche that, up to this point, has not been filled. Both, HGH releasing supplements and skin crèmes, can run upwards of $100.00 each. With this new system, you get the all-natural HGH releasing supplement and the topical Antiaging, anti-wrinkle crème, for approximately the same cost of some individual products.

If you can tolerate the costs and potential side effects of invasive HGH injections, this form of therapy may provide the quickest benefit of Human Growth Hormone. If you seek alternatives, sprays and powders have more limits than potential benefits. It is my opinion that a system of therapy, including a HGH releaser and a topical wrinkle crème, can provide the ultimate package for those seeking Antiaging benefits. NeuLife Laboratories has introduced the “Longevity System” to provide the comprehensive benefits that many seek but seldom find.

Anti-Aging and Healing the Natural Way through Electro Pulse Therapy

You know the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” The truth is it’s in the

muscle tone that sustains your skin. Most people maintain the clear smooth, wrinkle free

skin of their adolescence until the mid thirties. Both skin and facial muscles are still firm

and elastic, so facial contours remain smooth and well defined. But shortly after the age of

thirty-five the first signs of aging materialize.

By the age of forty-five, the higher cheek

muscles may lengthen by as much as half an inch, pulling the skin over the cheeks downward

to develop chubby little pouches by the corners of the mouth (called jowls). The external

corners of the upper eyelids start to hang down over the lower ones. The excessively

stretched out skin around the eyes creates a heavy lidded look with numerous lines and

folds. Pouches accumulate below the eyes. As you reach your mid fifties the upper cheek

muscles will have expanded by at least three quarters of an inch, forming creases around

the ears, mouth and jaw line. Neck muscles will have also lost their tone and become slack

and start to form neck rolls or cords which is the beginning of the all too recognizable

“turkey neck” of old age. Baggy, stretched skin sags toward the front part of the neck.

This aging process happens so little by little you hardly even notice. That is, until you compare

a photograph taken just five years ago to your current image you see in the mirror

today. You will be amazed to realize how much older you look in a relatively short time!

Over time as we age, because the underlying muscles become elastic they are unable to

support the skin tissue attached to them. As a result the skin loses it’s ability to regenerate

new tissue and its ability to moisturize itself. An onset of mal effects are brought on such

as; fluid buildup, wrinkles, and sagging skin, among others. Using mild electro pulse therapy

or electrical stimulation (The Bio-Electric Rejuvenation), facial muscles feel and look

firmer, and the appearance of wrinkles are reduced. It also helps to improve the tone and

all the features of your face such as your eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin and skin. You get a

tiny “face lift” (As Seen On Oprah) after each treatment or facial work out. You not only

will see and feel the difference immediately, but so will everyone else!. This technology

was featured on Oprah last year and has been sweeping the nation ever since. It was

coined as the “Non-Surgical face lift” or as I like to call it, “fitness for your face”.

Many people have been able to achieve miraculous body transformations through rigorous

and continuous correct fitness and nutritional practices and as we know only through a

true fitness and nutritional lifestyle will you find the only real “fountain of youth”. But the

one thing that has been almost impossible to anti-age through health and fitness alone is

“the face” along with the body. In fact the leaner you get the more drawn and aged you

tend to look unfortunately, Until now through “Bio-Electric Rejuvenation”.

What is Bio-Electric Rejuvenation?

The Bio-Electric Rejuvenation technology uses a variety of frequencies to stimulate cells

and re-educate muscles. Through universal healing frequencies it tones muscles, reduce

fluid retention, as well as softens wrinkles. It is non-invasive and non-abrasive. There are

precise techniques that are used to raise, tighten and tone the muscles, which also creates

elasticity in the tissue keeping the skin’s metabolism healthy and something to hang on to.

A persons age and current condition will determine the number of treatments that are

needed when they first begin. The anti-aging prescription that is generally recommended is

for the client to come in for an initial series of two or three treatments a week for five to

six weeks as you would when working with a personal trainer or starting any exercise regime.

This will re-tone the muscles and rejuvenate the skin. A maintenance treatment of

once every month for maintenance is suggested after the initial series, to keep the muscles

tight and healthy. This is an incredible preventative treatment as well as a corrective


Weather a person chooses to have surgery or not is an individual choice and surgery has

it’s place, But with a surgical face lift, the muscles and skin are cut and stretched causing

scares and scar tissue. Within a few years after a surgical lift, muscles and skin will again

begin to sag. The Bio-Electric can be used to improve or maintain many surgical procedures,

as well as diminish scar tissue, providing that the area has completely healed. And

with or with out surgery you would want to promote healthy skin and muscle fitness for

your face in the same way that you would want to keep your body fit and healthy for life. I

know I do.

We have been using this technology at our spa now for the last year and have gotten incredible

results with our clients. I for one get the Bio-Electric Rejuvenation treatment at

least 2 times a week and more if I can fit it in my busy schedule. I wouldn’t want to imagine

my face or life without this incredible anti-aging and leading edge treatment ever


Here Are Some Benefits

• Softens Wrinkles

• Tones And Firms The Muscles

• Rejuvenates The Skin

• Stimulate Skin Cells

• Re-Educates The Muscles

• Keeps Skin Healthy

Health and Scientific Background

Noted Scientists Dr. Pilla, Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Robert Basset discovered that low frequencies

and intensities complement the human body. For example 0.6 hertz signals cell

repair. Many surgeons, chiropractors and neurologists have been using this technology for

years and are currently using electro pulse therapy for skin, muscles and nerve diseases.

In the skin-care field, scientific research has proven that tissue repair leads to regeneration

of cells and thus to younger, healthier-looking skin. And as someone who has studied energy

and understands that all aspects of life are varying frequencies of energy, this is not

only logical and true, but makes perfect sense.

Here Are Some Health Benefits

• Stimulates Brain and Neurological Function

• Increases Vascular Function

• Invigorates Lymphatic System

• Sharpens Short Term Memory Issues

• Helps With Brain Fog

• Improves Mild Learning Disabilities

Here is a brief guide for anti-aging and staying healthy:

1. Consume 8 to 12 glasses of water every day.

2. Setting goals and having very definite objectives is absolutely essential.

3. Acquire and maintain a healthy supportive eating routine.

4. Adopt A whole, complete and well-balanced exercise regimen.

5. Love yourself unconditionally.


7. Pray, meditate and have gratitude.

8. Serve others.

My desire is to help educate and inform others on some of the non-invasive and natural

alternatives to the cost and health intensive surgeries, in addition to providing treatments

and therapies that yield incredible anti-aging and wellness benefits and results.

Health, happiness, love and abundance is our divine right, an inheritance from our Creator,

and there is nothing in which we can conceive that we cannot achieve when in vibrational

harmony with the “infinite source of love, power and abundance”. If we only “BELIEVE”.

For more information on this technology visit [] or Google it for

a spa offering this service in your area.

Sol de Vivre

Anti-Aging is A Necessity

The current generation of ‘maturing clients’ has been shown signs and given statistics to prove that we have already begun preparing for that promised season of lasting to 120. There must be a reason for this

The Post War 2 births produced a collection of individuals that benefited at the time from the family discipline, lifestyles and standards that were simply just part of everyday life. Families obviously faced special challenges but a harmony existed that overrode all levels of intrusion. There was no intention or even awareness of what was being produced for such enormous benefit at a much later stage.

The concept of seed sowing is very much in evidence here. The time taken for a family to get organized, grow up, get educated and find a suitable job and partner maybe nearly 25 years but for many of us our lifestyle is still improving with age. Within this time frame every decision, rule, disciplinary action and family meeting has contributed to an ongoing bountiful harvest.

The much discussed challenges experienced by families currently still living under the one roof suggest that the ‘seed’ from a change in this lifestyle will produce an unknown outcome. The current generation is assuming a similar outcome as themselves for the offspring and are obviously unaware of any incorrect behavior contributing to a late life mess.

As the beneficiaries of long, healthy lives we will have the responsibility to develop programs, instruction, advice, solutions, diets and even spiritual truths to a generation that was not fed the right seed because of the deceit surrounding the’ new’ meaning of ‘love’ over 25years. Our harvest will continue to ensure that we will have the qualities to provide the help but we must have the health and strength. For some of us we may be only halfway there.

Copyright 2005 Patricia Little