Anti-Aging is A Necessity

The current generation of ‘maturing clients’ has been shown signs and given statistics to prove that we have already begun preparing for that promised season of lasting to 120. There must be a reason for this

The Post War 2 births produced a collection of individuals that benefited at the time from the family discipline, lifestyles and standards that were simply just part of everyday life. Families obviously faced special challenges but a harmony existed that overrode all levels of intrusion. There was no intention or even awareness of what was being produced for such enormous benefit at a much later stage.

The concept of seed sowing is very much in evidence here. The time taken for a family to get organized, grow up, get educated and find a suitable job and partner maybe nearly 25 years but for many of us our lifestyle is still improving with age. Within this time frame every decision, rule, disciplinary action and family meeting has contributed to an ongoing bountiful harvest.

The much discussed challenges experienced by families currently still living under the one roof suggest that the ‘seed’ from a change in this lifestyle will produce an unknown outcome. The current generation is assuming a similar outcome as themselves for the offspring and are obviously unaware of any incorrect behavior contributing to a late life mess.

As the beneficiaries of long, healthy lives we will have the responsibility to develop programs, instruction, advice, solutions, diets and even spiritual truths to a generation that was not fed the right seed because of the deceit surrounding the’ new’ meaning of ‘love’ over 25years. Our harvest will continue to ensure that we will have the qualities to provide the help but we must have the health and strength. For some of us we may be only halfway there.

Copyright 2005 Patricia Little